I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you’re grateful, you’ll see God open up new doors.

Three men sitting under a tree were talking about God. One man said, ‘I don’t believe that God is prefect. In fact, there are so many things that an ordinary, reasonable man would be able to plan better than God. For example, look at the pumpkin are growing large and round. But they are attached to tiny, thin vines that are collapsing under their weight, and hence are on the ground!’ Another man agreed and pointed to the mangoes on the trees, saying, “The small mangoes are hanging from those tall, sturdy trees!..God should have put the heavy pumpkins on the tree and the small mangoes on the vines!”…The third man thought for a bit and said that perhaps God had a plan..- and that is why he did what he did….All the friends decided to rest and slowly feel sleep..under the mango tree… A strong wind roses, passed through the mango tree…and suddenly ripe mangoes fall down. The sleeping men woke up and saw the mangoes had fallen all around them.. …..”Our friend was right”,said one of the man. “what if pumpkin had hung from the trees and had fallen on us..? It’s a good thing the pumpkins grow close to ground!…similarly in life, we doubt God’s path. We wonder, is this really the way..? We lose heart , our faith..God’s way are frequently mysterious; We fail to see the full picture until it is seemed to us…..As now a day we see cars have GPS system that give directions on how to reach the destination …as you sit in the car ..the car ask your destination..and through out the journey a pleasant voice will guide you…but once you entered the destination and before the guided instruction begin…you need to press “accept” button on the screen…else the system will not work and you will have to find your own way………GPS stands for “Global positioning system’…It also stands for “God’s perfect system” he know the way to the destination of our life…God’s never loses his way…If we don’t push the “accept” on the GPS system in the car our journey will be filled with tension and worry …At each interaction we will have to choice whether it is best to continue straight ahead or to turn left or right ….We will have to stop to ask the directions from others who may also not know the roads…If we are focused we may reach the destination we will likely to be late and the journey will have been tense…. Alternatively, If we press “accept” we will guided gently and correctly at every step..we will know where to turn, where to continue straight and where to stop….Our mind will be free to contemplate God… to think pleasant and peaceful thoughts…and the journey will be peaceful,smooth,and enjoyable….We must continue to accept the guidance of the God’s perfect system…whether we are familiar to the route …He is taking us on or not…He is the only creator , planner, driver and the guider…..

When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance.



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On Diwali, even as we welcome the goddess, some of us forget to appreciate the millions of  goddess who already are the part of our families…Even in 21 century….of India. The women are bound by invisible shackles in a society where religion is more active then law….India is diverse country and yet we find unity in diversity….This reflect the reality of our country in not just good aspects..but also show second face of traditional mindset people of our country….Why women’s are subjected to rules, restrictions and discrimination even in their homes…After all it is up to us, the citizens to break the old age chains and contribute towards a new India like champions…It’s the time when we should not only teach our daughter and sisters to be respectful and responsible but we should teach the same to our brothers and sons…..too….


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let’s fill lights in someone’s life….


It is that time of the year again when friends and family come together to celebrate the spark of light over darkness. Everybody dresses up in their best clothes, wears the brightest smile and welcomes everyone….I think, Diwali is that time of the year when we come together as a family and exchange the gifts with each other to show that we care….This Diwali can be a little different. The festival of lights can also called spreading joy among others than just bursting crackers….This year let’s try to print a smile on someone else’s face. We as a citizens, have the opportunities to help the underprivileged spend Diwali in better way and we should make their lives brighter this season…This Diwali spread a message of love and togetherness and inspire others to do the same……


woman in white dress sitting beside river

Growing up as a girl in India is a challenge in itself. You are made to feel like its all your fault. One,for being born as a girl….like you had a say!..Then ,for wanting the same things as your brother does-like you are different being with a less than full human status. You are supposed to look up to women who look nerdy,act nerdy and are nerdy can mean “tumhe hawa lag gyi hai” basically as a girl, you are responsible in some way or the other for what ever wrong that happens to you. You have to be protected from all the evil forces out there you are far too delicate. And if you think you are characterless. Your boldness, your expression of freedom or choice are all to come with limitations, the boundaries of which will always be defined by the multitudes around you. You have to be ‘kept under control’ at all times.Every time for girls, There is always ‘expect advice or opinion’ that you have to be follow, if you can choose to ignore it only at your own risk.Winning the tag of bitch, a slut, worst. No matter where you have reached in life. It reflects you that maybe it’s not about the length of your skirt, it’s about the fear of men not being able to control their own lustful thoughts. Maybe it’s your parents not being able to deal with the never ending sentence “log kya kahenge” Maybe it’s about you all as a society, what you have made of ourselves, how scared we are….WHAT DO YOU DO THEN…?…We should get up, where ever you are, to in your own way that society is concerned about wrong things. Tell them that it is not about the length of your skirt…Tell them to be concerned not about the length of your skirt, but the quality of education that they are providing you….Tell them to be concerned not with boys, but the equality of opportunity that they can secure for you. Tell them to look beyond your skirts……Tell them to let you be……



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Why do people live a superficial life…?

Just be in the question and let the question give you an answer; the answer will be an insight, not dead words or dry knowledge but intuitive wisdom. For this to happen, one has to learn to think. Education is not about what to think but how to think. To think with openness and not just continue to do what we have been doing. Whatever we have conclude may not always be true. People have lost the art of observation, to think, to question, as they are drunk with their greed. They don’t pause ask,is this greed giving me joy or an illusion of joy? Greed takes you through a miserable trip. This is our biggest trap.

What makes us so greedy?

You become greedy because in your effort to be happy, you try to fulfill all your desires, Greed is an unwise way of making your life happy. You may put effort to be happy, but an unwise effort is counterproductive. It is qualitative and not quantitative change, which will bring the right impact. People’s understand of growth is quantitative and greed oriented. I have a large house, lots of money, but that is not truly making an impact. It is inner richness of understanding of love and devotion that impact life in a good way. True religion is to enable you to search and find the self…If you learn to observe, you can see clearly that most of us are driven by fear.out of fear. We create gods to fulfill our desires, which have grown into greed….WHAT IS FEAR..? Fear is a journey from uncertainty. At present, we are uncertain about something happening and hope that it will happen in the future. Fear arises when we are waiting for that “something” to happen. Does we start wondering whether it will actually happen or not and if it does not happen then what..?


Look deeply and you will see that fear is a movement of thought. Thought is an expression of memory. Memory is the representation of the past and from the past it flows into the present and then projects a future. The whole movement is disorder..In this disorder, fear exist and one has to see this clearly and through that clarity a different quality of action will emerge…

Looking a little more deeply, you will find that fear is the absence of love. You can’t do anything with the absence of love. It is like darkness. You can’t directly remove darkness, you have to bring in light. To bring in love, one has to bring in the wholeness of love and not self-love. self-love is limiting. True love is full and complete and for that to happen, fear and greed which are feeding the ego, have to go….


adolescence attractive beautiful blur“We are made by love, we are made of love, and we are made for love.”
The seat of knowledge is in the head, the head’s wisdom is knowledge, yet real wisdom reside in the heart. Wisdom of the head is logic, IQ, analysis…Logic says if A is equal to B and B is equal to C , then A equals to C. But try living a deeply meaningful and satisfying life relying only on logic. Just try falling in love, logically. forgiving or accepting forgiveness, logically.
Wisdom of heart on the other hand is a intuitive discipline that waves parts into a whole. where A is equal to B and B is equal to C, then A equals to hole alphabet! Wisdom of the heart is synthesis , not analysis. Knowledge is of the head, Hence it has nothing to do with love, in fact basically it is anti-love. Love plays no part in the growth of knowledge. Knowledge is the accumulation of dead facts, information, but those facts are not beating …..,they are not alive, because love is missing.
Wisdom is of the heart ….It has noting to do with facts, it has something to do with truth, and that is the difference between truth and fact…The fact appears like the truth….but it is not because the heart is beating no more…. Fact is only a corpse , truth is alive. The spirit can only be contacted by the heart. Information is easily possible through the head but wisdom only grows in the deepest recess of the soul… Because KNOWLEDGE BINDS YOU AND WISDOM LIBERATES YOU….and most important ingredient in wisdom …..
                                                THE VERY HEART OF IT…


Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, we shall overcome.

No one born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion..people must learn to hate, if they can learn hate….they can be taught to love,I believe and think that we are all born equal and die the same way, equal in rights, equal in opportunities, equal in dreams and goals. I know very well that our world needs a lot of time to understand that a person’s characters is not formed by his skin color , gender , or caste….A person’s character is formed by his behavior , his actions and intentions. I believe that this is possible, if we start treating everyone equally. Do you now, In India racism is practiced in some part and by some Indians. As we all know, India is enrich with many languages and religious. In earlier times when their is no partitions between India, Pakistan,Bangladesh. North Indian people consider south Indian people as son and daughters of monsters. Just because they are black in skin color …….Still now, their are some peoples say yes to racism… The only difference is …… on that time color are taken as main point, and now caste are taken to discriminate people. The high caste people treat very badly to low caste…. Aren’t they people like us who also have a heart like we have……then why racism…..why? The technology have already innovated why not people…? why they are still in that thinking of caste discrimination. Its now our responsibility to stop this racism and discrimination….Every person needs an opportunity, love, happiness… Then why this discrimination….Its our duty to give equal chance and proper respect…..Let us take a initiative to stop racism and say NO TO RACISM……..